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Sunrise Medical and Wellspect Healthcare begin partnership

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Two of the world's leading medical technology companies Sunrise Medical and conductive continence solutions provider Wellspect Healthcare have started a partnership that will initially run for two years. The two companies will not only share their extraordinary innovative strength and exceptional quality standards, but also a comprehensive sense of social responsibility.

Many people who use a wheelchair are affected by bladder and bowel dysfunction. Spinal cord injuries for example often result in the loss of the body's ability to control bladder and bowel emptying. Incontinence can also be an accompanying symptom for degenerative nerve and muscle disorders. With a view to the considerable overlap in the area of ​​customers and users as well as the points of connection in strategic development, Sunrise Medical and Wellspect Healthcare reached a cooperation agreement in February. 

This partnership provides Wellspect Healthcare as an official sponsor to Team Sunrise, a hugely successful international disability sports team. This partnership will include equipping athletes with products for bladder or bowel management. The two companies will also take a common path in communication in social media channels, blog posts or traditional marketing channels. In addition, joint activities and events including trade show appearances are planned. 

“We see a great deal of similarities in the key goals of our two companies. At Sunrise Medical as well as at Wellspect HealthCare, we strive with our products and services to make everyday life easier for people with physical limitations and to enable them gain their mobility, participate and self-determination. With our partnership, we can realize synergies that advance our common cause even better, “letícia Aguilar, Marketing Manager Germany & Austria at Sunrise Medical and Christoph Kimling, Market Development Manager DACH at Wellspect Healthcare agree.

About Sunrise Medical: A world leader in the development, design, manufacture, and distribution of manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, motorized scooters, and both standard and made to order seating and positioning systems, Sunrise Medical manufactures products in their own facilities in the United States, Mexico, Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, China, Holland, and Poland. Sunrise Medical's key products, marketed under the QUICKIE®, SOPUR, ZIPPIE®, STERLING, JAY®, WHITMYER®, and SWITCH-IT® proprietary brands, are sold through a network of homecare medical product dealers or distributors in more than 130 countries. The company is headquartered in Malsch, Germany, with North American headquarters in Fresno, Calif., and employs more than 2,200 associates worldwide.

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