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QUICKIE Nitrum Wins Retailer's Choice of the Year 2020

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Every year, THIIS Magazine produce a list of products that are deemed the best in their class. The Retailers’ Choice of the Year is chosen by UK industry leaders, selecting products for their innovation, consistent quality and a host of other reasons. This year we were chosen by Lifestyle and Mobility for our brand new QUICKIE Nitrum, the lightest wheelchair in its class.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Lifestyle and Mobility are always looking for exciting new products that push the boundaries and that are continually innovating. This is why we have chosen the Quickie Nitrum for our Retailer’s Choice of the Year.

Customers want more control when shopping and we have already seen this in the huge change that the internet has now brought us. Quickie has not only produced a quality product, but they have also developed a 3D visualiser. Customers are now able to fully spec up their own chair with all the options available, along with a 3D Augmented Reality feature which previews 10 available options in any environment on a smartphone.

The Quickie Nitrum is the lightest adjustable aluminium chair on the market at just 4.9 kg lifting weight. Weight rigidity is combined with a unique fit and fine tuning to offer the most energy efficient chair QUICKIE have ever produced.

The Nitrum is for users who value pushing efficiency and lightweight design. A revolutionary chair that minimises propulsion effort whilst maximising movement. Sunrise have also developed a unique twist lock bar that helps with loading it in and out of the car.

Quickie are also the first to have developed Integrated LEDs mounted on both castor arms with three mode options for brightness: High, low and blink.”

For more information on this press release, head over to where you can read the Retailers’ Choice of the Year Awards in full.

To see for yourself all of the innovative features we have included in the Nitrum, and for our new and exclusive online features, view our product page at:


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